D&D Adventure Series, Roghar - the Dragon Hunter, Acrylic Character Stands [In Stock]

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This is a finely made acrylic standee of an adventurer character, Roghar - the Dragon Hunter created by Crash Chief in the D&D universe. This is a great desktop decoration for adding a splash of fantasy adventure to your workspace. 

Roghar is a Dragonborn Paladin with incredible strength and, of course, a mean acid breath. He ceremonial maul that was said to be blessed and passed down for generations. 

About Crash Chief

Crash Chief is a Peruvian artist who has a deep passion movie, video games, and music. He has been creating vector characters for D&D players to enrich their adventure experience. We are glad to be partnering up with him to create the characters in our Grimoire adventure universe

Product Specification

  • Approximate 11cm tall
  • Double sided UV print
  • 3mm acrylic