Grimoire Deck Box, Reaction - Store 800+ Standard Size Cards

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Artist: Joseph Y.X. Zhou 

With an ornate orange and blue design, the Reaction Grimoire Deck Box is perfect for alchemists who long to spend hours cataloging all of their arcane experiments. Cast spells and advance your magical knowledge when you store your gaming piece and spell cards inside this tome.

  • Durability Never Looked So Good: Store your most sacred spells within the pages of a book worthy of keeping them 
  • Customize Your Organization: Holds most standard UltraPro deck boxes, making it easy to organize exactly the way you want. 
  • High Quality Material: Handcrafted from the finest wood, your Grimoire will hold up game after game after game. 
  • Transport with Confidence: The secure locking mechanism keeps your box closed and your cards safe 
  • Holds 4 Ultra Pro Mana Flip or 10 Ultra Pro 75 cards deck boxes or 1000 single sleeved or 800 double sleeved cards
  • 11.8" x 10.6" x 3.5"

About the Reaction Design

Here's a Grimoire for the crazy scientists and engineers who like to experiment with spells and magic-gadgets! MtG and D&D players alike can enjoy this alchemy and experimental themed figurine carrying case / MtG deck box. 

The Izzet are the civic engineers of Ravnica, dealing with water systems, boiler works, sewers, heating systems, etc. They have an immense thirst for knowledge (blue's quest for information), yet short attention spans (red's impulse). Think Doc Emmet Brown from Back to the Future - highly smart and intelligent, yet driven by passion for learning and child-like curiosity. The Izzet invent devices and spells that may or may not be fully QC'd, yet they want to use them anyway because they can. Sometimes, these devices and spells end up being a little unstable or have unintended results (more powerful than intended, like when Overloading or Replicating spells).


The Izzet League was founded by the ancient, brilliant, capricious, and narcissistic dragon, Niv-Mizzet. The Izzet League continuously blow things up. They are obsessively driven by a desire for new discoveries. They are the masters of innovation and spellcraft. The Izzet League are also responsible for the design and implementation of most of Ravnica's infrastructure and inventions.