Grimoire Pro Tour, Immortal

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About Grimoire Pro Tour, Immortal

The Grimoire Deck Box, Immortal is inspired by the lore of Orzhov. A thirst for power drives the Orzhov guild to control life and death. Lawfully evil by nature, the Orzhov Syndicate is a stronghold only suited for the rich and powerful. Find your power wherever and however you can - extort, coerce, and threaten your enemies!

The Grimoire Pro Tour, Immortal is a versatile box modeled after the famous Grimoire Deck Box. The Pro Tour series sports a smaller frame and is designed for your TCG, D&D, and board game needs. This box isn’t just stylish, the compact case offers a practical solution for transporting your hobbies safely.

orzhov syndicate inspiring the GDB immortal

Stylish and Durable: Separate yourself from the rest with this unique case. Handcrafted wood defines the Grimoire series and the quality design features a locking mechanism designed to keep your hobbies safe.

Versatile: The Grimoire Pro Tour is built for success. Whether you’re a D&D player transporting your player cards and dice, or a TCG player entered in a major tournament, the Grimoire Pro Tour is modular enough to fit the needs of any hobbyist.

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Perfect fit for:

  • Trading Card Games:
    • 2 Ultra Pro Mana Flip deck boxes
    • 3 Ultra Pro 75 card deck boxes.
    • 400 sleeved cards
    • 350 double sleeved cards
  • D&D:
    • Set of 5E arcane cards and Set 5E druid cards (with dividers)
    • Extra space for dice and miniatures.


  • 20.5cm x 21.7cm x 9.3cm
  • 8.07" x 8.54" x 3.7"
  • 1.5lbs