Codex Dragonlord - Precision Laser Cut Wooden Deck Box

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 Product dimensions: 88mm x 74mm x 108mm

Codex Deck Box is a finely crafted wooden deck box featuring our unique Flex Top waffle mechanism which allows the wood to bend and twist. The flap is outfitted with a T latch system that keeps it securely shut during transport.

Perfect fit for:

  • 100 single sleeved standard size card deck, or
  • 75 double sleeved cards,or
  • 75 single sleeved cards

Compatible with the Grimoire

The physical dimensions of the Codex Deck Box are also compatible with the original Grimoire Deck Box and Grimoire Pro Tour.

You can fit:

  • 2 Codex Deck Boxes in a Grimoire Pro Tour.
  • 6 Codex Deck Boxes in a Grimoire Deck Box.

Check out the original Grimoire Dragonlord Full Sized Deck Box and Dragonlord Pro Tour Box

About the Dragonlord Design

Pledge your fealty to a Dragonlord and separate yourself from the rest with this unique laser-cut wooden card case. This single MtG deck box card case can be your way to dragonize your gaming experience! Represent the most powerful, awe-inspiring, and iconic creatures in MtG with this Codex.

We have remixed the handcrafted woodwork that defines the Dragonlord Grimoire Deck Box series and its intricately precise engraved dragonic runes and glyphs to create another unique deck box that's worthy of your deck - get your Codex now!