Grimoire Pro Tour, Deathrite

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Grimoire Pro Tour, Deathrite

Artist: Joseph Y.X. Zhou 

Consider this the Grimoire for Necromancers. Shaman and Druid alike can all represent their favorite theme of REANIMATING the DEAD. MtG and D&D spellcasters that like to raise the dead to destroy their enemies.

Get this MtG deck box / D&D figurine carrying case to transport and store your gaming pieces and accessories.

In MtG, the Golgari Swarm believe that life and death are natural elements of a complete cycle - one cannot exist without the other. In death, any corpse can be added to the Swarm. They use this philosophy of reusing / reanimating corpses to grow their army slowly but surely. They are the embodiment of inevitability. 

The Golgari like to interact with the graveyard - mainly by destroying and ritualistically sacrificing creatures, then reusing / reanimating them for their army of undead.


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Stylish and Durable: Separate yourself from the rest with this unique case. Handcrafted wood defines the Grimoire series and the quality design features a locking mechanism designed to keep your hobbies safe.

Versatile: The Grimoire Deathrite is built for success. Whether you’re a D&D player transporting your player cards and dice, or a TCG player entered in a major tournament, the Grimoire Deathrite is modular enough to fit the needs of any hobbyist.

  • Perfect fit for:

    • Trading Card Games:
      • 2 Ultra Pro Mana Flip deck boxes
      • 3 Ultra Pro 75 card deck boxes.
      • 400 sleeved cards
      • 350 double sleeved cards
    • D&D:
      • Set of 5E arcane cards and Set 5E druid cards (with dividers)
      • Extra space for dice and miniatures.


    • 20.5cm x 21.7cm x 9.3cm
    • 8.07" x 8.54" x 3.7"
    • 1.5lbs

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