Grimoire Pro Tour, Reaction

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Grimoire Pro Tour, Reaction

Artist: Joseph Y.X. Zhou 

Here's a Grimoire for the crazy scientists and engineers who like to experiment with spells and magic-gadgets! MtG and D&D players alike can enjoy this alchemy and experimental themed figurine carrying case / MtG deck box. 

The Izzet are the civic engineers of Ravnica, dealing with water systems, boiler works, sewers, heating systems, etc. They have an immense thirst for knowledge (blue's quest for information), yet short attention spans (red's impulse). Think Doc Emmet Brown from Back to the Future - highly smart and intelligent, yet driven by passion for learning and child-like curiosity. The Izzet invent devices and spells that may or may not be fully QC'd, yet they want to use them anyway because they can. Sometimes, these devices and spells end up being a little unstable or have unintended results (more powerful than intended, like when Overloading or Replicating spells).


The Izzet League was founded by the ancient, brilliant, capricious, and narcissistic dragon, Niv-Mizzet. The Izzet League continuously blow things up. They are obsessively driven by a desire for new discoveries. They are the masters of innovation and spellcraft. The Izzet League are also responsible for the design and implementation of most of Ravnica's infrastructure and inventions.

Stylish and Durable: Separate yourself from the rest with this unique case. Handcrafted wood defines the Grimoire series and the quality design features a locking mechanism designed to keep your hobbies safe.

Versatile: The Grimoire Reaction is built for success. Whether you’re a D&D player transporting your player cards and dice, or a TCG player entered in a major tournament, the Grimoire Reaction is modular enough to fit the needs of any hobbyist.

  • Perfect fit for:

    • Trading Card Games:
      • 2 Ultra Pro Mana Flip deck boxes
      • 3 Ultra Pro 75 card deck boxes.
      • 400 sleeved cards
      • 350 double sleeved cards
    • D&D:
      • Set of 5E arcane cards and Set 5E druid cards (with dividers)
      • Extra space for dice and miniatures.


    • 20.5cm x 21.7cm x 9.3cm
    • 8.07" x 8.54" x 3.7"
    • 1.5lbs

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