Design Team

Joseph Y.X. Zhou


I am a Magic: the Gathering nerd with Photoshop skills. I want to bring my Vorthosian enthusiasm of the game to life through designing for Wizardry Foundry. I find inspiration when I see other artists making amazing art. My major inspirations include Brom, Rebecca Guay and Peter Mohrbacher. My favorite guild is the Golgari Swarm but I like to counterspells.

Designs: Artificer, Deathrite, Reaction, Dragonlord, Hellbent, Cipher, Bloodline


Sam Turner


My aspirations as an artist are in the continuity of my career goals, the creation of a style that is my own, and the will that fits into my worldview. I describe my artistic work in three stages: Observation, Understanding, and Creation. My major inspirations include Darek ZabrockiFenghua Zhong, and Feng Zhu.

Designs: ArbiterLegion.



Ferdinand Ladera


I am the Art Director for Fistbump Creation and I aim to master the nooks and corners of the digital design field. I put my creativity and expertise into developing remarkably cool digital games.

DesignsFSN Ruler (incoming!)