Introducing the Grimoire, Grimoire Pro Tour, and Codex series

Ditch the cardboard box

We've seen a lot of players use flimsy cardboard boxes to hold their decks and collections. With those kinds of boxes, cards will get bent or scratched easily. Not to mention, it's just not stylish at all. We know there's a better solution!


The Grimoire - the Brainchild

A stylish collection, cube, and deck storage solution



We have designed a storage system for serious Magic the Gathering & other TCG collectors to store their prized card collections in a secure and stylish way - meet the Grimoire Deck Box. This deck and Cube storage system will securely hold and transport your collection of up to 1000 sleeved cards. With many to choose from, you will surely find a uniquely designed cover art that will suit your play style. Hold your EDH decks and represent your favorite Commanders.

It's also great for holding your D&D cards, figures & D20!



The Grimoire Pro Tour - Our Successful Kickstarter

Made for EDH and tournaments alike



In 2015, we launched a Kickstarter to help launch our Grimoire Pro Tour. Fans around the world helped us successfully release this amazing portable deck carrying solution. Thanks, backers!

About the Pro Tour: for you EDH / Commander players, we also have the Grimoire Pro Tour! It's a more portable version of the regular Grimoire. It can fit at least two 100 EDH decks with room for tokens and dice. Card capacity is up to 400 single-sleeved cards or 350 double-sleeved cards. Furthermore, on tournament day, simply put your EDH deck and your Modern, Standard, or Legacy deck in it. It's designed with the casual player as well as the tournament player in mind.

On game night, just grab it and go!



The Codex




Rep your style

We also have the Codex series: with artwork from fan-favorite Grimoires, these deck boxes fit single decks - they are perfect to show off your deck and your style. Each Codex holds up to 100 single-sleeved cards! The craftsmanship of these boxes is truly amazing!



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