3rd Edition Grimoire Pro Tour Deck Box [In Stock]

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Ignite your fighting spirit with the 3rd Edition Grimoire Pro Tour Deck Box. A fighter's soul is never truly at rest. The design of the 3rd Edition Grimoire crackles and pops with mysterious runes. A force field entrapped fire burns on the cover of this spell book, ready to set any warrior's heart aflame.

  • Durability Never Looked So Good: Store your most sacred spells within the pages of a book worthy of keeping them
  • Customize Your Organization: Holds most standard UltraPro deck boxes, making it easy to organize exactly the way you want.
  • High Quality Material: Handcrafted from the finest wood, your Grimoire will hold up game after game after game.
  • Transport with Confidence: The secure locking mechanism keeps your box closed and your cards safe
  • Holds 2 Ultra Pro Mana Flip deck boxes, or 3 Ultra Pro 75 card deck boxes, or 400 sleeved cards, or 350 double sleeved cards.
  • 8.07" x 8.54" x 3.7"

About the 3rd Edition Design

Red Magic the Gathering Lore

Unleash havoc on your enemies and fight with the furious frenzy of red. The Grimoire Pro Tour, 3rd Edition will help you instill chaos and fear into your foes.

    The Grimoire Pro Tour, 3rd Edition is a versatile box modeled after the famous Grimoire Deck Box. The Pro Tour series sports a smaller frame and is designed for your TCG, D&D, and board game needs. This box isn’t just stylish, the compact case offers a practical solution for transporting your hobbies safely.