Grimoire Deck Box, Abyssal - Store 800+ Standard Size Cards [In Stock]

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Artist: Joseph Zhou

Give in to the whispers of madness with our Abyssal Grimoire. A silvery eldritch being stares back at you from the cover of the box. Do you dare investigate what's inside?

  • Sized for 800 double sleeved and 1000 single sleeved cards, designed fit the need for card players.
  • Holds multiple standard UltraPro or Ultimate Guard deck boxes as a consolidated carrier storage box.
  • Handcrafted wooden card game toy box using light weight engineered wood.
  • Modern build engraved with a elemental style cover, designed to support the need of most Planeswalkers.
  • The Abyssal Grimoire allows you to harness your inner elemental to unleash havoc on your opponents.
  • 11.8" x 10.6" x 3.5"

About the Grimoire Deck Box

How are you storing your ever-growing collection? In the beginning, the fat pack boxes seemed to be a fit for a small initial collection. After a while, as one’s collection grew, one would graduate to the BCW white cardboard tubes. While those options could certainly protect your precious and expanding collection, but do they offer the look and feel that your card collection deserved? Imagine stuffing wads of $100 dollar bills into some plain cardboard boxes. 

Introducing the Grimoire Deck Box by Wizardry Foundry,  a deck / cube storage system designed to hold between 800 to 1000 cards. Made from engineered wood, the Grimoire offers great protection without compromising its portability. The outside cover material looks and feels like leather. Each edition has a unique cover art with fantasy game world theme.

While the Grimoire Deck Box was originally designed for standard size trading cards such as Magic, it could work with other card games such as Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon. Really, it is for everyone who has an appreciation for fantasy gaming. If you are running a D&D campaign and want to have something solid for your adventure, you can fit your character minis , character sheet, and game dices in this box. Gaming in style has never been made easier. 

We recognize that you have many options when it comes to card storage and game storage. There are many companies that are building great products for our community. Some even use amazing premium material such as Oak or Rosewood, which costs hundreds of dollars. Wizardry Foundry wants to make the Grimoire accessible to gamers who are passionate about their game. We don’t want to take resources away from your gaming experience, but rather, we want to enhance it and make it fun for you. Keep playing, and be sure to game in style! - Play or Draw? 

About the Abyssal Design

The Abyssal design drew its inspiration from the mystique and horror of the deep sea. Of course, we also threw in a little bit of Cthulhu and Kraken reference for good measure.