Dragonlord Grimoire Deck Box

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Artist: Joseph Y.X. Zhou 

An ancient magical evil rises from within the depths of the earth. Only the strongest warriors are able to tame and control the arcane power of the Dragonlord Grimoire Deck Box. Featuring the skull of the fearsome beast and a dragon skin inspired binding, this spell book will bring your fiery passion to the forefront of the battlefield.

  • Durability Never Looked So Good: Store your most sacred spells within the pages of a book worthy of keeping them 
  • Customize Your Organization: Holds most standard UltraPro deck boxes, making it easy to organize exactly the way you want. 
  • High Quality Material: Handcrafted from the finest wood, your Grimoire will hold up game after game after game. 
  • Transport with Confidence: The secure locking mechanism keeps your box closed and your cards safe 
  • Holds 4 Ultra Pro Mana Flip or 10 Ultra Pro 75 cards deck boxes or 1000 single sleeved or 800 double sleeved cards
  • 11.8" x 10.6" x 3.5"

About the Dragonlord Design

Dragons are huge flying reptiles with four limbs and two wings (usually). Across most fantasy genre games, dragons possess high levels of strength, intelligence, and magical capabilities.

In MtG, dragon body shape, wing shape, and powers vary across planes. Dragons can be found in any color but are mainly red-centric. Dragons are the iconic red creature.

In D&D, you can tell that dragons are a HUGE part of the game. They are the iconic monster of the game - usually presented as adversaries and less commonly as allies or player characters.

Pledge your fealty to a Dragonlord with this Grimoire! This D&D figurine and game piece storage case / MtG deck box card case can be your way to stylize your gaming experience!

Check our brand new Codex Dragonlord Box that perfectly matches the Dragonlord Grimoire Deck Box.

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