Grimoire Deck Box, Primeval

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It seMTG Goldfish logoems to be a really well made product that's unique in the marketplace, and holds up to normal wear and tear. Plus, it looks amazing.” – by MTG Goldfish. 



The Grimoire Deck Box, Primeval is a mystic deck storage designed for all the Green players. Front emblem showcases an image of the tree of life - it represents the vibrant and life energy in all the green decks. The spine and the back cover is decorated with a variety of celtic knot to give it a very mystic look and feel. 

  • UNMATCHED CARD CAPACITY: hold up to 1000 single sleeved cards and up to 800 double sleeved cards.
  • DURABILITY NEVER LOOKED SO STYLISH: like an old tome, crafted with wood to secure the cards.
  • ORGANIZATION YOUR WAY: Hold most standard UltraPro deck boxes, organize exactly the way you want.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Every grimoire is handcrafted with the best quality materials we can find.
  • TRANSPORT WITH CONFIDENCE: We have added a latch to keep the box securely locked.

About Grimoire Deck Box

Gone are the days when cards would be stored in ordinary cardboard tubes or paper boxes! Your storage should be at par with it – enigmatic and stylish. Don't just beat the opponent in the game, beat them in style as well. This Grimoire Deck Box is exactly what you are looking for! 

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Capacity and Size

  • 1000 single sleeved or double sleeved cards
  • 10 Ultra Pro 75 cards deck boxes
  • 4 Ultra Pro Mana Flip
  • 30cm x 27cm x 9cm.
  • 11.8" x 10.6" x 3.5".


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