Grimoire and Pro Tour Bundle

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Grimoire and Pro Tour Bundle

The Grimoire Deck Boxes have achieved tremendous popularity amongst gamers with ardent fans buying more than one box at a time! No need to stuff your precious cards in cardboard tubes or ordinary boxes – you have invested considerable time and effort while collecting them, so the storage solution needs to be chosen accordingly.

This bundle will get you both the original Grimoire and the Grimoire Pro Tour at a discounted rate! While normally buying each item separately would cost between $120~$110, this bundle lets you get both for only $100! 

  • Suitable option for players involved in the game for years with a massive, growing collection of cards.
  • The Grimoires are designed with varied themes and colors, so it reflects your gaming style and attitude.
  • Made with premium grade engineered wood – the boxes are robust and sturdy.
  • Textured surface to create the vintage look – the antiquated finish makes it seem all the more realistic.
  • Inner felt lining to protect your card decks stored inside – individual compartments are provided for convenience.
  • Holds up to 1600 to 2000 cards (800 to 1000 per box) – storage capacity is automatically doubled – keep adding as you play along.

This is one helluva deal – don’t miss out on this practical and reasonable offer!

Grimoire Physical Spec

25cm x 28cm x 9cm
9.8″ x 9.4″ x 3.5″

Protour Physical Spec

20.5cm x 21.7cm x 9.3cm
8.07" x 8.54" x 3.7"

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