Moirai Dice Organizer

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High roll?

Odd or Even?

Chances are, if you've played Magic at any level, you've heard these questions before. You've probably even asked them before. Every time you sat down to play, you set up your playmat, shuffled up your deck, and grabbed some dice to determine who goes first.

Well Wizardry Foundry is making it even easier to do so. Introducing our new line of dice carriers, these little packs are designed to make it easy when grabbing dice. By utilizing mesh pockets to keep your dice organized, these dice carriers are extremely easy to carry and simple to use. No more dice bags that are completely randomized or plastic cases that don't close quite properly and crack under the slightest pressure.

We've done all the testing we can on our end, so now we're opening it up to you guys! Should you have any concerns or questions, you're more than welcome to email us and keep us informed.



We've received our shipments and we're starting to fulfill the pre-orders in the order that they were received! Be on the lookout for your Moirai Dice Organizer coming soon!



120mm x 80mm x 36mm
4.7in x 3.1in x 1.4in

Weight: nothing :P

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