Shadowforge Codex Deck Box [In Stock]

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The Shadowforge Codex Deck Box represents the relentless pursue of survival of the Phyrexian. Inspired by many ancient lore of Yawgmoth and the Phyrexian invasion, Shadowforge Codex is a deck box for all the dark artificers out there.

  • Handcrafted: Store your most sacred spells in this hand crafted deck box
  • Features Flex Top: This beautiful and unique waffle mechanism ensures a sturdy box design for years to come
  • High Quality Material: Finest material, laser cut to precision
  • Transport with Confidence: The secure locking mechanism to keep the box closed and your cards safe
  • Holds 100 single sleeved standard sized cards, or 75 double sleeved cards.
  • 3.5" x 2.9" x 4.25"

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    You can fit:

    • 2 Codex Deck Boxes in a Grimoire Pro Tour.
    • 4 Codex Deck Boxes in a Grimoire Deck Box.